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Your Consultation

If you haven't seen a Nutritional Therapist before you might be wondering what the consultation will be like, and, of course, how much it costs.  

Free initial discussion

It is important for you to know if Nutritional Therapy is right for you. Although I would say that it certainly can help most people, not everyone is able or willing to make the commitment to change the way they eat. 

To make sure you know what to expect, and what you might get out of the consultation, I offer a free 10-15 minute chat to establish what your concerns and issues are, and for me to explain how Nutritional Therapy works. 

This is completely open to anyone, you do not need to commit to anything! 

Drop me an email to arrange a time for us to talk about you, and to see if Nutritional Therapy is the right way for you to take back control of your health. 

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Introductory package

The Introductory Package includes an Initial Consultation, presentation of your Nutritional Plan, then 4-6 weeks later a Follow-up session and a revised plan. 

All sessions are held via Zoom. 

The Initial Consultation takes about 1 hour. I will ask you a lot of questions about your health, family history, current medications, and your aims for the consultation. I will also ask you to complete a 3-day diet diary so I can see what you usually eat. 

A day or so later we will have another, shorter, session (around 20- 30 minutes) where I present your Nutrition Plan, and we discuss it. 

The Follow-up session will be 4-6 weeks later. We will discuss how well you managed to follow the plan and changes in how you feel. I will then draw up a revised plan based on this discussion. 

The Introductory Package costs £199 

Follow-up consultation

After your Introductory Package you can book further follow-up consultations whenever you feel you need them. 

These take around 30 minutes, followed by a second session of around 20 minutes where I present and discuss your Nutrition Plan. 

Follow-up consultations cost £75

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Genetic testing

I offer LifecodeGx Nutrigenomics testing. The tests show where you have weaknesses in metabolic process, and which nutrients support those processes.  I use this information to develop a plan that supports your specific needs.

We’ll have an initial consultation to establish what your health concerns are, and which tests will be the most useful for you.  This takes around 1 hour.

I will the order the tests for you. You will be sent a cheek-swap test kit. When the results are ready we’ll have another 45 minute -1 hour session to go through the reports and I will present your personalised plan. 

£199 for the initial 1 hour consultation, discussion of reports and presentation of your plan. 


LifecodeGx tests: 
DNA test kit – only one required = £99
Each test costs £150. 
Eg. 2 tests - £399

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