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Genetic testing and analysis

Understanding DNA is changing the future of health and medicine. Most chronic diseases result from the interplay between common genetic variants (SNPs) and environmental factors.

Targeted nutrition can help, by providing the nutrients required to support specific pathways. 

I work with the leading Nutrigenomics company Lifecode Gx®, and also as a consultant DNA Specialist for My Body Fabulous. Lifecode Gx®. DNA tests are only available through registered health professionals. The reports include Metabolics, Nutrient Core, Hormones, Detoxification, Nervous System, Methylation, Oestrogen Balance, APOE and Thyroid Balance. 

I'll work with you to establish which reports are right for you, and then use the results to develop a nutritional plan that is completely personalised to you and your unique genetics.  

Andrew B

"Anne is kind, easy to talk to and translates your results into basic layman terminology so you can fully understand what your results are telling you. All in all a very prophetic experience for which I hope I'm going to be very grateful....Use Anne !"

K Duthie

"I found the service really good. Once I received the PDF of my results I had the zoom call with Anne. Anne was brilliant and explained everything to make it easier to understand."

Daniel K

“ doesn't speak for our medical system in Switzerland, but this was the best interaction with a medical professional in many years. Well prepared, friendly and professional. Thank you Anne!”

Anne P

"Anne was terrific! She made everything so clear and concise. She even recorded the call so that I could revisit it later. Her suggestions were so helpful and I look forward to trying the supplements."
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